NOUN- Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit

The Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit of the University has the duty to promote ethical standards. NOUN-ACTU education and enlightenment strategy is premised on building core values of honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability among members of staff and students of the University.

NOUN-ACTU was first established in 2007 under the office of the Registrar. In November 2012, the University management reconstituted the present Unit and inducted its members in February, 2013. The new NOUN-ACTU is made up ten (10) members and three (3) administrative staff and has a functional secretariat under the office of the Vice Chancellor.

Since its inauguration, the Unit has embarked on some pro-active sensitization programmes. These are, the production of complaint boxes, anti-corruption stickers and posters for the headquarters and study centres. NOUN-ACTU has organized workshops, lectures and campaigns, carried out a system study, initiated a Community service programme and the NOUN-ACTU Half hour media sensitization broadcast.

NOUN-ACTU’s objective is to effectively manage corruption risk and protect the university against corrupt conducts. It is a known fact that it is cheaper and more effective to prevent corruption than expending scarce resources on investigation and persecution of corruption cases. This knowledge informed our focus on active staff/student enlightenment in the fight against corrupt practices in the University. Make the decision now - Join the campaign to “break the chain of corruption” today.

NOUN-ACTU MOTTO:  Work and Learn with Integrity

Mission: To endeavour to build and mould positive minded work force by creating and promoting internal awareness mechanism that foster integrity, objectivity, probity and transparency thereby reducing corrupt practices to a minimal level within the University system.

Vision: To be seen and regarded as a front line crusader Unit against every form of unethical principles in the University thus allowing for a free environment which is driven by highly sensitized, intelligent and efficient staff for optimal performance.



  • To receive and investigate any report or any conspiracy to commit or actual commission of corruption.
  • To report all alleged cases of corrupt practices to the Commission with copies sent to the Minister, Permanent Secretary or Chief Executive Officer of an organization as the case may be, except where the Chief Executive Officer is involved.
  • To report cases involving Minister, Permanent Secretary or Chief Executive Officer of the organization to the ICPC and not to the management of the organization.
  • To examine the practices, systems and procedures of the University and where such practices, systems and procedures facilitate fraud and corruption, to submit detailed report with recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer with copies to the ICPC
  • To educate officials of their respective organization on and against bribery, corruption and related offences by organizing seminars, lectures, distribution of anti-corruption handbills, posters, stickers etc


The guidelines for the smooth operation of ACTUs in MDAs are derived from the “STANDING ORDER”.  Sections 7 (1) and 70 of the ICPC Act of 2000 conferred on the Chairman of the Commission powers to make these rules. ACTU is empowered to perform all the duties in section 6 (a)-(f) of the ICPC Act of 2000 except that of prosecution Top of Form

One of the many ways NOUN-ACTU helps the University, staff and students prevent corruption is through training and educational programs.

In-house workshops

NOUN-ACTU organize workshops which aim to raise the awareness of corruption, corruption risks and the role of management, staff and students in preventing, detecting and responding to Corruption problems.

 Anti-Corruption/Visual Message

 Production and distribution of anti-corruption signs and materials such as flyers, posters, stickers etc

 Effective Monitoring

Crate effective Ethics and compliance programs

Community Service

Initiate value-based projects to demonstrate the “Act of Giving”


Liaise with DMI to publicize NOUN-ACTU activities using NOUN FM Radio 105.9 and News bulletin.



1. Mr. Ifeanyi Ikenze Deputy Registrar HEAD ACTU
2. Dr. Moses Shaibu Dean Fac.of Soc. Sc
3. Dr. Nnamdi Chukwuto Deputy Bursar Bursary
4. Ms Yemisi Amurawaiye

Principal Asst.Registrar

Human Resource
5. Mr. Paul Aliyu Dep.Chief Internal Auditor Internal Audit
6. Mr Jelili Sufian Lecturer 1 Fac.Mgt Sci
7. Mrs.Julna Nimpar Principal Legal Officer Legal
8. Mr. Abdulkadir Umar Quantity Surveyor 1  Procuremenr


1 Mr.Philip E. Embiet  Principal Executive Officer 1 ACTU
2 Ms.Charity S. Victor  Asst.Chief Officer ACTU


Planned activities of the Unit are usually outlined in the annual action plan prepared to provide focus on key mandate areas of ACTUs

The Units 2021 work plan detailed strategic approaches for achieving our mandate through;

1.PREVENTION: adopting pro-active measures premeditated to assist reduce the risk of corruption happening in the first places

2.DETECTION:Implementing measure designed to uncover occurrence of corruption immediately it occurs or before it occurs 

3.RESPONSE:approve reactive measures intended to investigate recommend for necessary administrative action/sanction and provide advice on remedy to the damage caused by the misconduct.

Sub-commitee have been set -up to effectively carry out the assignment entailed in these strategic options.



Type (Directorate or Unit)
Directorate/Unit Name
Anti-Corruption And Transparency Unit Of The University
Mr. Ikenze Ifeanyi

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